Anchor handling and towing winches

Robust and powerful design

  • SWL10T – 200T+
  • Acc. to ISO7365, NMA regulations FOR-1853 and RSV 09-2017
  • Fully de-clutchable drum
  • Additional dynamic brake for high speed launching
  • Load mesurement integrated in drum foundation
  • Towing mode and length measurement system
  • 2-compartment drum enables maximum pull capacity with full drum

Unique functionality

In addition to fully comply with the given ISO-standards, our winches are equipped with a dynamic brake for use in emergency situations. The system de-clutches the winch drum and saves the hydraulic drive from wear and tear. The brake system can also be used for faster and safer dynamic winch operations, e.g. launch and recovery, anchor deployment, etc.

Maximum performance

SHM anchor handling winches are designed for maximum pull and storage capacity. Drives, brakes, drum and foundations are designed acc. to the latest rules and regulations. Winch drum with 2-compartment layout gives you full storage capacity in main compartment, and maximum pull capacity in second compartment.

Safety at sea

SHM towing mode is specially designed for heavy towing operations. Load measurement and length measurement keep the towing line in position and reduces peak loads. The system is fully automatic within the parameters given by the operator.

A great and safe day at work

Anchor handling operations requires your full attention to heavy loads and moving objects. The deck crew can see the winch tension from a display mounted on main deck.

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