Special Projects

Our highly skilled engineers are ready for the design challenge for your vessel or workshop. We have long experience in product design and development of marine cranes, winches, lifting applications and special handling devices.

Our engineers are also approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority as competent persons (type A/A-1 and B/B-1) and we conduct certifications of all types of cranes and lifting appliances.

A special project

In close collaboration with one of our customers we have developed a highly advance machine (RCU) for pre-tensioning of rope and hawsers. The RCU provides a permanent elongation and the ropes accuracy is significantly improved after deployment.

The RCU is an unique device and has the capacity of 100m of 110mm dia rope pulling force up to 10 tonnes. Continous lengths are run through the RCU in repeated sequences.  

The RCU comprises belt winches, rope locks, back-tension unit, and a patented tension unit in center. SHM control system gives the operator full overview and logging of each separate batch. The RCU is designed acc. to Maskinforskriften FOR-2009-05-20-544.

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