Rope Lock

Rope Lock

Gentle and efficient

  • Integrated in aft bulkwark – occupies no deck area
  • SWL10T, SWL20T and SWL40T
  • Designed for all rope types, up to 110mm diameter
  • Replaceable inserts for different rope size
  • Integrated load measurement - easy and fast reading of rope tension
  • Emergency release acc. to NMA regulations

Safer work

Working with high tension requires special attention. Securing of ropes and hawsers is executed with SHM Rope Lock outside vessel's main deck keeping crew in safe zone.

Unique feature

SHM T-Lock has several unique features. It is the only rope device available with quick release function enabling the rope simply to fall into the sea in case of an emergency situation. This function is also operational in dead ship conditions, thanks to SHM Safety System with accumulators and releases the rope within 10 seconds.

Flexible unit

SHM Rope Lock can be integrated in bulwark or even flush mounted in main deck - we customize this according to vessel layout and planned operations. The flush mounted unit replaces conventional shark jaw and is convenient for vessels working only with ropes and hawsers. This solution is patented and will revolutionize tradtional anchor handling.

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