Control System

One system

  • Safer, user friendly and functional system
  • Acc. to NMA regulations FOR-2014-12-19-1853 (§15) and FOR-2014-07-01-1072 (§13)
  • Connects all deck equipment - easy to expand
  • Bridge control
  • Operators panel on deck
  • Remote radio units
  • Basic, Plus or Premium

Take command

All deck equiment and devices are controlled and operated from bridge control, deck operator panels and remote radio units. The system is flexible and we customize it for each vessel and crew. Cranes, winches and other hydraulic and electrical equipment is operated from bridge. Safety is governed by "SHM Take Command" system where bridge control is always in command. The system with two or more remote radio units allows operators to perform tandem operations with high efficiency.

Control on board

The logic system provides strict control during all operations enabling only one operator to run it all from a remote radio unit. Work is now conducted in a safer and faster way keeping deck crew in safe zone.

Online system

SHM control system provide remote support through VPN connection. In many cases we can upgrade and adjust system parameters without travelling, saving time and money.

Control on deck

Operator panels on deck is convenient and provides proper local control of deck equipment.

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