Mooring Lock

Mooring Lock

Safer onboard

SHM are pioneers in developing new deck equipment and launched the first moveable mooring lock for the aquaculture industry. Thanks to the close collaboration with our customers, we can offer the following:

  • Mooring Lock for light intervention (PL) and Mooring Lock for heavy duty mooring (ML)
  • High pressure on mooring plate - designed for high horisontal loads
  • Integrated safety system keeps constant pressure
  • Hydraulic jaw pressing from both sides - avoids contact with shackles and forerunner
  • Mooring Lock on moveable rail gives even more flexibility during plate lock down
  • Preparred for emergency release

Unique functionality

SHM Mooring Lock is a patented solution and is designed for maximum horisontal capacity. The crew's HSE is our top priority knowing mooring operations in rough conditions is challenging. Our Mooring Locks are designed with high pressure force in order to keep the mooring plate fixed at all times. The MLM400 has a horisontal capacity of 25 tonnes SWL applying 40 tonnes clamping force on the mooring plate. Thanks to these spesifications the work goes faster and safer.

Easy installation and maintenance

Our design philosophy is easy installation and maintenance. Railmounted mooring lock is delivered with a common hydraulic and electrical interface which reduces installation hours, and at the same time it is easy to carry out maintenance.

Customized design

SHM Mooring Lock is designed to handle various operations and comes with auxiliary tools; support plate, chain hanger, guide sheaves, protection bar, etc.. The arm inserts can easily be replaced with smaller or larger types or even inserts for handling of fibre rope.


SHM Mooring Lock is designed with en emergency release system in accordance with NMA regulations. The system releases the mooring plate within 10 seconds in order to avoid a dangerous situation.

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