Assistance at any time. Anywhere. From anyone.

You have a problem. Get immediate contact with professionals. Put on the Smart Helmet. Ask the expert to log in from his PC. Start solving the problem.

SHM Solutions from Norway is market-leading innovator on safer deck equipment. Daqri from USA develops groundbreaking AR products and technologies that increase productivity, efficiency and security.

SHM and Daqri now invite all suppliers and actors in the world's aquaculture to use SHM Remote Support HUB.

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Remote support with AR (augmented reality) is based on a technology that takes the service in a completely new direction. Not everything that is called remote support is Enterprise AR. Not all that is called AR is suitable for the industry, they are entertainment "inventions".

SHM AR Remote Support is a sophisticated solution as it is, but also an introduction to what will come. Now, a development of the way we work is starting to change how we learn and perform industrial work, the way we avoid mistakes and the way we communicate.

AR changes everything.

SHMs AR Remote Support will build custom-made apps that support the workflow in the industry.

SHM's Enterprise AR solutions work with people on the floor and elsewhere in the industry to solve real problems in new ways.