Partners in Remote Support: SHM Solutions, Molde, Norway and Daqri, L.A, USA


SHM is a Norwegian based technology company with broad experience in the maritime, offshore and aquaculture industries. Our solutions and services are built on our core areas of competencies:

Cyber-Physical Systems


Daqri is the world’s leading enterprise AR company powering the future of work through innovative hardware and software products.

Daqri develops groundbreaking AR products and technologies that increase productivity, efficiency and security.

HQ in Los Angeles.


We introduce the DAQRI Smart Helmet and DAQRI Smart Glasses as prime elements in reducing costs in the service and aftermarket. In the SHM Remote Support Hub we connect a Smart Helmet or Glasses to a PC-user. Aquaculture users can immediately reach available expertise to help solving problems. 

We also lauch a program for Digital Manuals in aquaculture, where paperbased installation and service manuals are replaced by interactive AR 3D-service models. 


AR (Augmented reality) allows digital content to be seamlessly overlaid and mixed into our perceptions of the real world. AR is an emerging form of experience in which the real world is enhanced by computer-generated content which is tied to specific locations and activities. 

SHM has launched Enterprise AR as a strategic field, as opposed to Consumer AR applications. We are introducing solutions supported and created by AR technology to the aquaculture industry world wide.